Have you found the Advantage?

In the Nigeria educational system, we have secondary schools where many formulas and the likes are taught. However, most people forget about these laws, principles, equations and rules once they are done with school.

Eager to get started with real life issues but failing to realize that the application of these principles may be needed during the course of our life journey.

One of such rules is that for any business to succeed, there must be an ‘equation’, one which possesses what we call ‘The Advantage’ at Wsgs.

People + Product + Systems + The Advantage = Success

Quite frankly the advantage could be in the quality of people you have on board your ship, the product or even the system you have in play but often times, it is usually a separate clear cut.

What is the advantage in your business?

The advantage in your business over others is what distinguishes you from the rest in the business world.

In the business world, it is often referred to as Value proposition or Unique selling proposition. The greatest being your Compelling Value proposition.

A lot of people go into business without having an Advantage over the rest, and they end up at the bottom of the pyramid like the letter A starting this paragraph.

Finding the advantage is the starting point to distinguishing yourself in the Business world and this is the beginning of your business success.



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