What is in your hands

What is in your hands

Very often we hear words like if only I could get an investor, if only I could get a grant, if only I could find a place to work, a Mr X to join me etc.

While many of these shortcomings may be valid but a much better thought process will be:

Well If I can ……. this will happen but If not, then that will happen……..

“Well, If I can get an employee to work on marketing I will be able to make a double of my current income but if not i will have to outsource marketing OR keep making this same income for the next 3 months while staff hunting etc.”

Having the options properly outlined starting out from the nearest reality, is one of the best places to be as an Entrepreneur.

Furthermore whats next is the ability to actually take charge of circumstances and not waiting for certain conditions to be met.

A secret about success is, it is just as much about what you give up as what you gain.
Are you willing to give up late nights out, for late nights in working?
Are you willing to live as other people won’t, so maybe you can live as other people can’t?
When you develop rare and valuable skills, and have invested big in the right relationships, you will be able to make alot of headway.

Now there are major steps to be taken that will put you on your way to success.

  1. First of those steps is setting a goal for yourself, which probably sounds cliché, but here’s the stark reality, most people don’t have a clearly defined set of goals, but then again, we’re not just talking about merely speaking in the affirmative but also having a vision for something greater.
  2. The next step is investment; invest in yourself, in your relationship and ultimately in your dream. You have to start by putting your money where your mouth is. Start putting money towards skill development; No matter how much talent or skill you have, you need to still go through some form of tutelage to become a pro at it. Take for instance an athlete, no matter how swift or agile or even strong you think you are, you still need a coach, a mentor and a host of other people to make you into a Chioma Ajunwa.
    It is just as Michael Fishman said, “Self-made is an illusion. There are many people who played divine roles in you having the life that you have today. ” Another example is a fashion designer, you have a good eye, you are creative; you still need to undergo training from a professional to be great at it.

How do you invest in relationships?

  •    Seek to be in a specific environment with certain types of people where ideas can collaborate .
  •  Give your rare skills and abilities in service to the right people (ideally the people who you want to mentor you).

Another step to success is to let go your fear of uncertainty. Nothing in life is certain, there are no guarantees. You need to understand that certainty is largely an illusion, and clinging to it can hold you back.
People often times wait for when they “feel like it” to get started. Well, motivation isn’t something you wait for, it’s something you build. Passion might have told you what you want to do in life, but it isn’t going to be the thing that propels you through late nights of work and difficult days that make you just want to quit. What we feel strongly about does not ultimately define our lives, what we do everyday does.
The notion that once we have achieved one more thing, or have a new relationship, or are handed some degree of success, life will change and we will feel better needs to be erased, because the reality of life is that we don’t change when our circumstances do, our circumstances change when we do.

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.

Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills or better still do not wish at all, simply make use of what you possess the time the resources, the relationships, the skills etc and in due time you will get results.

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